Why use PHL rentals

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Free Full Maintenance

Free Full Maintenance

Full Callout Service

Full Callout Service

Your one-stop-shop for hire

We are your one-stop-shop to forklift rental, whether it be short term or long term. We aim to provide our customers with the best value forklifts available for hire, and our experienced team of specialists will be able to talk you through the process, making it easy for customers of any experience level to get the forklift they need. With everything from stackers and pallet trucks, though to articulated and VNA trucks, as well as even the largest of heavy lifting yard trucks, there is no shortage or rage to what we can offer.

 Let our experts make the forklift rental process as simple as possible to ensure you find the perfect truck to fit your needs.

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Brands PHL Stock

A sample of forklifts available to rent


REACH • Stock No: 358881
Model R14G-12 115 PRYOBAN
Year 2012
Euromast 3F605
Hours 1855
Capacity 1400 kg
Lift height 6050


3 WHEEL • Stock No: 474252
Model EFG115
Year 2010
Euromast 3F300
Hours 0
Capacity 1500 kg
Lift height 3040


ELECTRIC • Stock No: 540111
Model CRGM02L30U
Year 1996
Euromast 3F430
Hours 8492
Capacity 3000 kg
Lift height 4360

LOLER Certified

All our rental trucks are LOLER certified and 100% working, providing our customers with material-handling solutions that allow for safe, efficient and productive usage.

Types of Hire

We offer 2 types of hire to our customers:

Long Term Hire

(6 to 12+ months)

Free transport for a limited time only on long term rentals – subject to availability

Short Term Hire

(2 weeks to 5 months)


Why rent a forklift?

Rentals offer far more flexibility, both in terms of budgeting and truck specification that purchasing can offer.

Long term rentals in particular are a popular choice for businesses looking to avoid the initial cost associated with purchase.

Temporary requirements can also be accommodated with rental, maybe you have a special project that requires a specific machine, or extra forklifts on site to cover a peak demand.

What happens if the truck breaks down?

At PHL, we offer a free full maintenance and full callout service. If there is an issue with your truck during the rental period, please contact us and we will be on hand to provide help.

What should I know before renting a truck?

There are a number of considerations when deciding on a forklift rental. Knowing what type of forklift you want, whether it’s diesel, gas or electric as well as what surface the truck will be used on are some things to think about. You should also consider whether you need the truck to fit through narrow spaces and whether you want it to fit with specific attachments. We can help you decide what is most suitable based on your application and needs.