VNA Machines, also known as turret trucks, are designed to operate in densely packed warehouses. Unlike reach trucks or counter balance forklifts, VNA machines can move quickly through small spaces, lifting pallets and other loads with incredible precision. They are designed to work inside warehouses that have a small amount of space and lots of stock.

The Types Of VNA Machines

VNA machines can be broken down into two basic varieties, Man Down and Man Up. Man down works much like a traditional forklift. The operator stays at ground level while the forks move up and down. This works best for warehouses that do not stack products too high and where loads are not easily damaged.Man Up forklifts actually move both the forks and the operator up and down. This means the person running the forklift can be incredibly precise with their movements and quickly move from load to load. This type of truck is perfect when you need maximum speed or your product is easily damaged. The Man Up style of turret truck gives the operator the best view of their load which means they can run the machine carefully and quickly.

Why Are VNA Machines Better In Warehouses Than Normal Trucks

The aisles in a VNA warehouse are around 1.7m wide, gaining an extra 25% of storage compared to the equivalent set up for non-VNA warehouses. VNA racking can also be substantially higher, enabling around 50% more storage compared to a conventional racking system.VNA machines offer three advantages over traditional forklifts when used in warehouses. These are speed, precision and load space.Speed: VNA machines can be fitted with a rail or laser system that is designed to help them move as quickly as possible even in the narrow aisles. They also have end of row technology. This means a user can move product much faster and get it placed on shelves.Precision: Because turret trucks can operate in such narrow spaces and swivel their masts, they can be used to place pallets on shelves very precisely. This is especially true of Man Up machines as the operator can closely oversee placement of all pallets.Load Space: A VNA machine means you can adjust your rack spacing to fit in more product with less space wasted for vehicle movement. You can also stack higher with a turret truck than many other more conventional lifts. This means you maximise both vertical and horizontal space in your warehouse.

Limitations Of VNA Machines

While VNA machines are perfectly designed for tightly packed warehouses, they are not always the right choice for every application.

Loading and unloading vehicles is usually beyond the capabilities of a turret truck. They are not really meant to operate outside. Unloading trucks can be better managed by a traditional counterweight truck. You can see our full range of counterweight trucks here .If you are using a VNA machine in a warehouse without aisles, you will probably need a traditional counterbalance lift to handle some general tasks.

VNA machines are more costly than other forklift options. The truck itself costs more and you may need to invest in further rack planning to get the most out of your VNA. If you do not need the narrowest aisles possible you can use an articulated forklift instead. View our full range of articulated lifts here.

You will need a backup machine as no other type of forklift can operate in the narrow aisles of a VNA optimised warehouse.

You will need very careful safety procedures in place because of the speeds VNA machines can operate at and the low tolerances.If you are interested in investing in a VNA machine, PHL has a range in stock. Our used machines can help you save money while making your warehouse more efficient. Contact us today to learn more.

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