We’re often asked by our overseas customers if it’s cost effective to import trucks from the UK. In almost every case, the answer is “yes”. Used trucks from PHL offer incredible value, even when considering logistical costs. With the largest inventory of used trucks in the UK, PHL can source the right truck for specific and often niche requirements. We also have a great track record of delivering trucks globally – safely, securely and on time.

A recent example involved a customer based in Shanghai, China. In this case, a thriving distribution centre in the city required additional forklifts to supplement their fleet and meet seasonal demand. They first contacted PHL about their requirements in early 2019. Our experienced sales team were able to pinpoint the exact needs of the customer, taking into account the narrow aisles and tight turning circles of the working environment, as well as the customer preferences relating to budget, fuel type and machine quality. In this case, we were able to confidently recommend four VNA trucks, which ticked all the boxes for our customer.

By the summer of 2019, the customer was ready to place the order. Delivery was arranged for October, allowing time for installation before the customer’s busiest period of the year. PHL’s skilled engineers carefully prepared each machine before they were loaded securely into containers, ready for their journey by sea to China. The four VNA trucks arrived exactly as promised and were put to work in the distribution centre straight away.

PHL regards after-sales care as crucial to providing a best-in-class customer experience. Our client in China was delighted to receive follow-up support once the machines were delivered, which included delivery of spare parts at their request.

PHL specialises in sourcing and exporting used forklift trucks of every description and to just about every worldwide destination. As we step into a new decade, we look forward to serving more global customers, whatever their requirements and location.

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