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Forklift attachments come in a variety of different types to assist with a range of tasks. Forklift attachments can be used to aid pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, holding and rotating. All of the attachments for forklifts are designed to improve efficiency and productivity and expand the ability of the trucks. Prioritising the operator, they are designed to reduce manual input, improving comfort and ergonomics.

Forklifts are already incredibly durable and versatile, so the addition of a specialised attachment can transform a forklift from a simple lifting truck into a crane or even a snowplough. There are several more benefits to equipping a forklift attachment, including increased productivity, greater on-site safety and cost savings.

Three main types of forklift attachments

Number 1

Fork positioners

Fork positioners allow the tines to spread simultaneously, enabling larger or smaller loads to be picked up without having to transfer to another pallet. This makes your forklift even more versatile and allows you to move a greater variety of loads without the need for multiple trucks.

Number 2

Bale clamps

Bale clamps allow you to manipulate bulky loads, like bales of hay with two independent clamps. These attachments are used in specialised industries due to their cost and unique features.

Number 3


Rotators allow you to flip the things you're lifting. This makes them great for tipping loads into bins or flipping over items that are upside-down.

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