One of the great things about working at PHL is the diversity of our customer base. We deliver to just about every country in the world. What's more, we support many industries - each with their own specific challenges and requirements. Find out how we delivered a quality service for two customers from the seafood industry in Peru.

Delivering to Peru

As recently as 2013, Peru was seen as one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, if not the world. Since then, the Peruvian economy has grown annually by 4% on average. No wonder that demand for machinery has increased in recent years as businesses strive to keep up with production.Until recently, our main destination for exports was Lima (Callao Port). However, we have also received enquiries from customers in the north of Peru (Paita Port), where the fishing sector is particularly strong.

The Customers

Our customers in Peru come from the seafood or fishing industries. The first supplies a couple of well known budget supermarkets in Europe. The second also has a European distribution network centred in Portugal.

Therefore, both suppliers have similar needs: reliable forklift trucks that are equipped to work in cold conditions and which produce zero gas emissions in order to meet food safety standards.

The Forklift Trucks

Fortunately, PHL is well known for understanding the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we have a reputation for sourcing machines and restoring them to fantastic working order. And crucially, we provide unbeatable value.

Once we understood the specific customer needs, we were able to identify just the right types of truck. For both our customers in Peru, we supplied a set of completely refurbished electric trucks. All the trucks were carefully checked to ensure they could perform their duties in a harsh (chilly), demanding environment. Finally, we used our tried and tested delivery process to ensure all the machines arrived safely, securely and on time.

When we supply a company with one of our forklifts, we know the customer will enjoy many years of service from the truck. The truck will play a big part in their productivity and success. It's a good feeling. And the fact we can do this all around the world is an added bonus.

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