Shortly before Christmas, we received an urgent request from a busy warehouse in Northampton, UK. Not only did our customer require additional forklift capacity, but they also needed forklifts that could maneuver in tight spaces and which could reach pallets on high racks. We identified two Linde

VNA forklifts

as the ideal solution. This was just the start of our service to ensure our customer was up and running ahead of their crucial Christmas deadlines.

When we planned the delivery, we knew that the mast height of the forklifts was simply too high for the warehouse doorways. Our plan was therefore for our specialist

VNA engineers.

to re-build the higher parts of the machines inside the customer’s warehouse, taking into account the very confined conditions within the building. We used a special close rigging crane, and our own heavy lifting compact forklift to carry out the installation.Our customer was relieved and delighted that the whole delivery was completed ahead of schedule. As always, we were happy to offer an end-to-end service to meet the individual requirements of our client: from selecting the right equipment for the job, to transportation of the forklifts and hiring the crane, to deconstructing then reconstructing the masts, to ensuring the smooth operation of the trucks once they’d arrived in their new home.

Mission completed successfully - in time for the Christmas rush and meeting all health and safety regulations.

Now our VNA department is ready for the next challenge. So, if you are looking for a K truck,

Turret Man Up


Turret Man Down

, to improve your business, increase your fleet and reach the highest level in warehouse management, please contact us immediately. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be happy to find the right machine for you – and ensure it arrives in time to hit your deadlines.



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