Among our extensive stock of all types of forklift truck, we have many quality ex-rental or contract hire trucks that have been expertly maintained throughout their life. Due to this care with their maintenance, their mechanical condition is usually excellent, but unfortunately, their cosmetic condition does not match! We offer a full cosmetic refurbishment to restore them back to an excellent all round condition.

People often judge the condition of a forklift from looking at the bodywork of the truck. In many cases, the forklift needs just a small touch-up but sometimes with quality used trucks a full paint job covering the whole machine, from bodywork, mast and cabin interior, is needed to show the truck at its full potential. We have state of the art painting facilities and experienced staff so we can provide a finish to a standard that’s as good as new, whether in original colors or to a customer’s own preference.Where further reassurance about the mechanical condition is required, we can provide full refurbishment of the second-hand forklift, including a deep inspection of the machine and all necessary tests before the truck will be ready for many years of service.We can provide all aspects of the refurbishment of the truck, including the refurb we provided in the example below. However, we are open to discussing customers’ exact requirements.

Our forklift truck refurbishment process

The first step is a full inspection of the machine. The overall condition is one thing but to ensure safety and reliability, every component, especially mechanical, needs to be carefully checked and, if necessary, replaced.We fully test the engine, transmission, the mast, methodically working through the second-hand forklift truck from fork tip to counterweight checking everything in between - chassis, brakes, and tires. Every element is carefully cleaned. The hydraulic fluids and oil have to be changed, filters replaced and bearings greased. The battery is checked and depending on customer requirement we can refurbish or replace the cells and even offer a warranty for the customer’s peace of mind.The next step is the mast inspection. This part of the forklift truck is one of the most important - its condition and ability to work smoothly directly affects how efficiently and safely the forklift can operate. The lift mast needs to be dismantled and deeply cleaned. Mast sections and rollers have to be examined; chains replaced if necessary and the mast rebuilt with the bearings correctly shimmed for perfect operation.After testing the steering system, it is also properly cleaned and adjusted with worn parts replaced as necessary; all components of the cabin refreshed or changed to improve the operator comfort. Even the seat can be replaced to a customer’s specification. Next, come the forks which are examined and replaced if worn. We can also supply the fork length as required for the application. The restored truck is reassembled with new tires as required and finally tested ready for long and reliable service life.

Our experienced engineers can provide a refurbishment or cosmetic refreshment using our well-equipped workshop and high-tech spray booth. Fork trucks are our specialty! We have a massive stock of used machines ensures we will have a match to your requirements. Please see our video of the latest truck to come out of our workshop ready for sale! 

Forklift refurbishment


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