Over the last two decades, electric forklifts have gained greater importance in the market. The key to this change has been regulations concerning noise levels and exhaust emissions in the workplace. Warehouse management has also changed dramatically. Much of the warehousing market is now indoors, aisles in warehouses have become narrower and shelves are placed higher - all to increase storage capacity within the warehouse.

With warehouse space at a premium and due to a growing desire in the market to find alternatives to diesel and gas, there has been a clear trend towards developing a new generation of forklift truck - a generation based on electric.Thanks to significant technological advances, many of the most recognizable forklift brands have started to produce more efficient, more eco-friendly machines using electrical power. In addition, the advantages of computer technology have allowed these brands to design forklifts that offer increased efficiency and precision.

To summarise why second-hand electric forklift trucks are becoming more desirable:

  • Pollution free
  • Very low noise levels
  • Cheaper and easier to maintain and use
  • A lot of choice of equipment for narrow aisles

The growing popularity of electric forklifts is hard to ignore. Many of our customers have recently taken the first step away from diesel and gas by investing in a used electric forklift to see how it works in their company. If you’re not sure if an electric forklift is for you, why not compare Electric vs. Diesel vs. Gas to see the pros and cons of each and decide which one suits you best?

To learn more about maintaining the battery for electric forklifts, check out our blog post describing our five top tips for battery maintenance.

You can find all our second-hand electric forklift trucks right here.


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