There are some conditions and occasions when your standard forklift truck just isn’t up to the job. If you’re operating on an unpredictable, uneven or unstable surface, Rough Terrain Forklift can save you countless hours and accomplish a multitude of tasks.

What are the Main Features and Advantages of Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks?

Typically, this type of truck has rugged tires that are specially reinforced to limit any damage caused by uneven surfaces, loose stones or glass. The tires also tend to be larger than an indoor forklift to prevent them from sinking in wet or loose soil. The tire size also helps them to function over sloped or unstable ground more easily and safely.Furthermore, this type of truck is manufactured to withstand outdoor elements such as strong wind, heavy rain, ice, and snow. Some are also made to endure corrosive material which can be found on some sites.Rough Terrain Forklifts are also relatively quick and easy to maintain and service. Especially, considering the hard work that they do, they are built to withstand heavy, regular use as well as tough conditions and environments.

Who Should Choose a Rough Terrain Forklift Truck?

We’ve found that the customers most likely to need a Rough Terrain Forklift are from the construction and building industries. However, we increasingly sell to ports and dockyards, special event venues, timber, and forestry sites, and to the general warehousing industry where outdoor space is volatile or unpredictable.See

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