If your warehouse or work area includes small spaces and plenty of stock, the chances are you need a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Machine in your life. Operating with speed and precision, VNA Trucks often make the difference when it comes to productivity and efficiency. They also allow you to reduce your aisle widths, so you can fit more stuff into your space. Read on for the answers to some of the questions we’re asked most about VNA.

What Are the Benefits of a VNA Truck?

There are three main benefits, relating to speed, precision and warehouse capacity.Speed: VNA machines can be fitted with a rail or laser system that is designed to help them move as quickly as possible even in narrow aisles. They also have end of row technology. This means a user can move products much faster and get it placed on shelves.Precision: because turret trucks can operate in such narrow spaces and swivel their masts, they can be used to place pallets on shelves very precisely. This is especially true of Man Up machines as the operator can closely oversee placement of all pallets.Warehouse Capacity: the aisles in a VNA warehouse are around 1.7m wide, gaining an extra 25% of storage compared to the equivalent set up for non-VNA warehouses. VNA racking can also be substantially higher, enabling around 50% more storage compared to a conventional racking system. This makes a huge difference to storage capacity and warehouse productivity.

What’s the Difference Between a Turret Truck and a VNA Machine?

There’s no difference; they’re the same thing.

What Are the Different Types of VNA Machine (or Turret Truck)?

VNA Machines (aka Turret Trucks) come in two flavours: Man Down and Man Up. There’s nothing surprising about what these names mean: with a Man Down, the operator stays at ground level while the forks move up and down; with a Man Up, both the forks and the operator move up and down.

They Sound Awesome. Why Shouldn’t I Rush Out and Buy a VNA Machine?

While VNA machines are perfectly designed for tightly packed warehouses, they are not always the right choice for every application. They’re not specifically designed for outdoor use and will struggle if you’re hoping to load and unload from vehicles. For this type of work you’ll want to consider a counterbalance truck.If you are using a VNA machine in a warehouse without aisles, you will probably need a traditional counterbalance lift to handle some general tasks.VNA machines are more costly than other forklift options. The truck itself costs more and you may need to invest in further rack planning to get the most out of your VNA. If you do not need the narrowest aisles possible you can use an articulated forklift instead.You may also need a backup machine, as no other type of forklift can operate in the narrow aisles of a VNA optimised warehouse.

Why Do You Say PHL Are Experts in VNA Forklifts?

Not only do we know how to sell VNA trucks, we also know how to repair, restore and maintain them. Our specialist VNA Engineers are highly trained and skilled, ensuring all our trucks leave us in peak condition.We’ve developed a reputation for exceeding customer expectations and we take pride in delivering quality every time. See an example from December 2018 when we pulled out all the stops to deliver for Christmas.


Which Countries Do You Deliver To?

All of them. We’ve supplied happy customers all over the world; across Europe and even as far as Peru. See an example of a recent delivery below:

Have You Got Any VNA Forklift Trucks in Stock?

Plenty. Check out these bad boys.


Over many years, PHL has built a reputation for restoring, maintaining and supplying VNA Machines of the highest quality. We’re proud to offer a great range from our base in the UK and have hundreds of happy customers all around the world.


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