Here at PHL we take pride in restoring forklifts to their former glory – our engineers are specifically trained to ensure our trucks not only look the business; they also run perfectly to support


business. Find out how we took six Linde H160 Diesel forklifts from redundant to refurbished.

How We Refurbished a Fleet of Used Linde Forklift Trucks

A recent arrival of six Linde H160 forklift trucks put our skills to the test. We acquired the forklifts from a company dealing in concrete blocks and the trucks certainly showed all the signs of hard labour. We could see that none of them had been washed properly for some time – as evidenced by the thick build-up concrete dust around the engine bay, radiators, cab and other recesses. But underneath the dirt, dust, scratches and scrapes remained a small fleet of solid machines.Before a forklift is refurbished, there's an intensive cleaning phase. Machines this size and this dirty take two to three full working days to clear and clean properly. Only then can we even start on refurbishment. Concrete dust is one of the hardest, most time-consuming things to clear off a truck because it gets wet and sets.After cleaning, we gave each truck a test run and thorough check-over. We then sent the trucks requiring technical work or repairs to our workshop to restore them to full, efficient working order. We then re-washed these machines to clear any oil and dust.The painting, including preparation, takes up to two weeks. The preparation alone is labour intensive: we had to strip the panels, sand blast parts back to the metal, remove and sand the wheels, fill and sand any chipped parts of the counterweight, prime specific areas and parts. And just before painting, we cover and mask various sections of the truck to avoid mixing the various colours.Once our H160 trucks had been painted, we reassembled the body work, mirrors, seat and wheels (with new tyres), then completed any finishing touches.  Finally, the mast was re-attached, stickers and decals fitted, the new carriage and forks fitted. It’s at this stage we can tailor the requirements of the mast height, carriage width and fork specifications – customers can pretty much request a bespoke machine for the job at hand.The result was a set of great-looking, fully refurbished H160 forklift trucks. All primed and ready for many years of service. If you’re looking for a refurbished forklift for any type of task,

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