Forklift trucks that aren't in use are draining your return on investment. Minimising downtime is essential to the smooth and successful running of your warehouse. If your forklift fleet is a core aspect of your business, you need to be avoiding breakdowns, delays and inefficiencies.

As well as the obvious cost of repairs, new parts or new trucks, forklift downtime results in other costs. Staff overtime, loss of reputation through delays and knock-on effects further down the delivery chain are all effects of breakdowns or downtime.

Ways to minimise downtime

Regular maintenance

The easiest and most obvious way to minimise downtime is preventative maintenance. A regular schedule of inspection and light maintenance on your forklift fleet will keep them running better for longer. It will also help you identify potential problems well in advance, so you can respond without incurring delays to the flow of your goods.

Perform Daily Inspections

Inspections allow you to stay on top of your fleet’s performance. It also has the added benefit of providing your operators with safe, high-performing forklifts. Finally, if a forklift is going to go wrong, it’s far more convenient for this to happens during an inspection, where your technicians are on hand, rather than in the middle of your warehouse during operation.

Backup trucks

At the end of the day, breakdowns happen. Forklifts aren't indestructible after all. During these unforeseen circumstances, a backup forklift can help reduce your downtime. Having a second hand forklift on hand to fill a spot in the main fleet can help keep your business ticking over, even if the engine of one of your trucks isn't.

Train Your Operators

Highly trained operators make fewer mistakes and are more likely to increase workplace productivity. A higher level of forklift expertise and smoother operating also results in better fuel efficiency and causes less damage to equipment and your goods. Skilled use of your fleet will keep your forklifts in better condition.

Invest in Fleet Management Software

Increase your own productivity by investing in some management software. Many warehouse managers lose days of productivity to inefficient spreadsheets and information being stored all over the place. Fleet management software puts everything in one place and does all the heavy lifting for you.

Optimise stock flows

Sometimes, downtime can be the result of collisions or congestion in the aisles. Optimising your pick orders and stock storage logic will ensure that your forklifts are moving in harmony and making the most of every inch of space in your warehouse.Discover our range of second hand forklifts. You'll find a huge selection of reliable, fully serviced forklifts that will help keep your downtime low and your return on investment high.


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