Whether you're operating on an industrial or commercial site, a forklift truck is an essential piece of equipment. It allows you to deal with your logistical work quickly, safely and efficiently and nothing can really replace it. However, purchasing a brand new forklift comes with a hefty upfront cost. Sometimes, the job you need doing is ideal for a second hand forklift. Used forklifts provide you with essential operational capacity you need without the price tag of a brand new forklift.

Best Operations for a Second Hand Forklift Truck

Backup Truck

When your forklifts aren't operational due to breakdowns you immediately start losing money on your investment. A second hand forklift truck makes an ideal backup forklift to keep your operations efficient when you suffer mechanical problems. While your front line forklifts are undertaking maintenance and repairs, a backup truck that you paid a fraction of the price for can easily and reliably pick up the slack.

Ancillary Duties

Not all warehouse operations require forklifts for their primary business functions. Sometimes all you need a forklift for is to move a pallet of stock from the warehouse to a HGV, while VNA machines handle the day-to-day movement of stock. When the demands of a forklift are light, but necessary, a second hand forklift is a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Surplus Stock

Sometimes demands for your business offerings spike suddenly. In these situations, overtime goes into overdrive and you have to pull out all the stops. If you find that the demands on your business fluctuate or are seasonal, having second hand forklifts on standby as surplus for busy times can help you meet the needs of your customers faster and efficiently. Keep your new forklifts for day-to-day operations, then deploy your used forklift trucks when demands require additional resource. This allows you to maintain operational efficiency while balancing overall costs.

Benefits of Buying A Used Forklift Truck

Upfront Savings

Forklift trucks are a substantial company investment so you want to make sure you’re spending money in a way that will ultimately result in business growth. Second hand material handling equipment naturally costs less. A lot of times it’s actually half the price of a newer truck. With used forklifts, you can increase your buying power, allowing you to potentially buy two for the price of one. Used forklift suppliers stock a wide range of material handling machines, so you'll never be stuck for variety.

Reliable Performance

Unlike a new forklift, a used forklift has been put to work and has proved its worth. Like any reliable veterans, used forklifts bring value and the confidence of reliability with its experience. Reputable suppliers of second hand forklifts perform full maintenance and quality assurance tests on their stock, so you can rest assured that while the forklift has seen action before, it's still in the best possible condition.

Familiarity with Equipment

Newer forklifts can come with new technology and features that require additional training for your operators. When making equipment purchase decisions for your operation, consider the truck operators when it comes to function. You may end up spending time training with features that you will never use. Ease of use is always a plus and means that you can put the forklift or fleet to work right away. A second hand forklift truck can easily and cost effectively handle tasks that can prove essential to the successful running of your business. It’s always good to do your research though. Work on building a relationship with a company that has experience in both buying and selling. They’ll be able to help you find exactly what you need and guide you through the process of used equipment purchase.


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