Forklift Basics

In order to help you with your forklift training or forklift refresher training, try our training test. Forklift training will reduce, or even prevent, accidents from happening on your site. It also trains operators on how to deal with difficult scenarios, such as elevated loads that can possibly tip the forklift over. Training is a core part of site safety, productivity and cost-effective use of your equipment. Make sure you and your forklift operators are trained and given refresher training on a regular basis.

Forklift Truck Training Test Questions

Your score is

  • 1: A forklift should normally be driven:

  • 2: When lifting a laden pallet safely, the fork width should be adjusted so that:

  • 3: A forklift truck has a rated capacity of 2500kg at 500mm load center. This means:

  • 4: If a load is stacked unsafely and in danger of collapse the forklift operator should:

  • 5: When sounding the horn you should give a few sharp blasts, this is because:

  • 6: Responsibilities under The Health and Safety At Work Act apply to:

  • 7: The ideal way to pick up a pallet is:

  • 8: What is the primary purpose of the overhead guard?

  • 9: When a laden lift truck is being driven on a ramp/incline the load should face:

  • 10: Why must the key be switched off and removed when leaving the machine?


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