The Internet has created a global, virtual marketplace and is now the most successful venue for advertising, sales, and distribution. There is no limit for buyers and sellers across the globe, to buy or sell everything they want. Sellers don't even need to have their own website or a physical store; the only thing they need is access to the Internet and an account with eBay, Facebook or another popular online marketplace.


Forklift Dealer or Private Seller?

It’s relatively common and low-risk to purchase cheap, everyday products from an unknown private seller. The worst that can happen is the items don’t arrive, or arrives faulty, and the customer service is poor or non-existent – in which case you’ve only lost a small amount of money. However, in the warehouse and storage industry, high-value products and machinery worth thousands of pounds represent a far greater financial risk. This is why it’s so important to check the credibility of sellers and to question whether the online ads and offers really are too good to be true.If you wonder "Where can I buy a forklift?" read our blog post! We hope to give you an answer.


Buying Forklifts from a Private Seller

Usually, a private seller has no more than one or two forklifts for sale. They may simply be looking to make some extra money, or just get some return from an investment. Either way, they often lack any credibility or expertise in the industry.Buying a forklift from a private seller is attractive because of the price; it's not uncommon to find a decent looking forklift for under £5,000. However, these forklift trucks are usually older, have already provided several thousand hours of service and probably have some technical issues. If you’re experienced with forklifts, know how to fix technical issues, and have the luxury of time to do so, then you may find a good deal for yourself. But don't expect a private seller to advise you if his forklift will suit your needs or be adaptable to your warehouse. You should also check whether the seller can organise safe and secure delivery of the machine. Always remember: the goal of the private seller is to find a buyer ASAP and sell the truck for the best price. The rest is down to you.


Buying Forklifts from a Forklift Dealer

Forklift dealers are on a different level. They offer a wide selection of second-hand forklifts for sale or for rent and often have a range of spare forklift parts which you can purchase if there is a need for it.Experts in forklift trucks not only give you what you ask for; they are also far more likely to share their knowledge and ensure you get the right machine for your individual needs. The dealer will be interested in information such as the work environment, warehouse dimensions, types of task and staff capability – all to determine what type of forklift truck will suit you best. Unlike private sellers, forklift dealers supply the machines in various sizes, weight capacities, with different fuel engines, and reach, depending on what you are looking to achieve.The price of a brand-new forklift may be several times larger than the cost of a used machine. You can often find second-hand forklifts that are refurbished by the dealer to the point they’re looking and functioning like new. These trucks cost less and still can serve you for many years. Here’s a little hint: their prices are always negotiable and to get the best deal you should compare at least a few models before making a final decision.Some forklift dealers also offer financing options too.Other benefits include battery warranties, service contracts for minor repairs, good customer service, and management of delivery.


Where Should I Go to Buy a Forklift Truck?

Private sellers are a good choice for end users or small businesses looking for the very cheapest option – if they’re prepared to accept the risks relating to low quality and poor customer service.Dealers are the best choice for companies looking to refresh or supplement their fleet with several machines – or a very specific type of machine. A dealer will give you a better selection and is more likely to provide a forklift truck that’s tailor-made for the job and workplace conditions.See our

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