PHL is delighted to reveal the top 10 forklift truck brands based on worldwide sales in 2019. Linde’s position as a top volume seller should come as no surprise but the rest of the list is somewhat less predictable.


The Top 5 Forklift Brands in Detail

First: Linde remains the brand to beat, with its loyal customer base keeping them top of the sales charts once again. Our customers have found Linde to offer exceptional value, especially when it comes to fuel consumption and maintenance overheads.Second: The Japanese giant BT / Toyota also offers efficient, low maintenance forklifts. The technical flexibility of Toyota forklifts, making manoeuvrability and access easier than ever, is another factor for its popularity.Third: The top American brand, Hyster comes in third, with a huge following, not just in the US but also in the UK, Middle East and South America. Hyster’s flexible offering of both Gas and Diesel options ensures they cover a range of preferences across their markets.Fourth: Aisle Master trucks are manufactured in Ireland and continue to offer quality articulated forklifts more than 50 years after production started.Fifth: Completing the top 5 forklift brands, Still has developed into a world-class manufacturer since its inception in 1920. The Still range includes gas, diesel electric and all-electric machines.

The Top 10 Forklift Brands in Full

  1. LINDE
  2. BT / TOYOTA
  5. STILL
  9. CROWN
  10. BENDI

Geographical differences

Linde is a common choice in many European countries, but the popularity of the brand is not shared universally. In Asia, for example, Japanese brands like Toyota are the most sought after, while in South America, there’s a bias towards Crown, Hyster and Nissan. Our Middle East customers tend to favour Mitsubishi and Nissan.In our experience, brand loyalty remains strong in the forklift truck industry. But the most primary influence, ahead of manufacturer, is likely to be getting the right machine for the task in hand, especially for independent companies and end users. Furthermore, customers increasingly expect higher levels of performance and the application of new technology to increase accuracy and productivity. This desire for ever-increasing efficiency will help ensure forklift brands stay on top of their game for years to come.


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