We’re delighted to publish our 2018 bestsellers - the six most popular used forklift trucks according to PHL sales worldwide. We’ve had a busy year keeping up with the demands and expectations of customers across every continent on the planet. As always, we’re extremely grateful to all our customers and partners for their business in 2018 and we wish everyone a prosperous 2019.

Our Top 6 Bestsellers of 2018

Linde R20S Reach Truck

This reach truck from Linde is our undisputed winner. It belongs to Linde's ACtive series, a leading performer in intensive narrow aisle storage and retrieval forklift trucks.  Advanced control technology supports operator comfort aand safety and helps to increase productivity ratios.Its compact robot-welded chassis is designed for maximum strength and durability. The rugged construction and components provide a low center of gravity for excellent stability and high residual capacities. And judging from the truck’s popularity with our customers, its qualities have been appreciated by a huge number of companies globally.

BT RRB3 Electric Reach Truck

Second, on our list is the electric reach truck from BT. With its mobile mast, this reach truck is perfectly adapted for use in extremely narrow spaces, such as aisles in a warehouse. The open overhead guard offers the driver a better view of what they are working on. Our customers have also purchased it for use in construction sites, docks and yards. We’re told that customers love this option because it’s generally cheap to operate and maintain.


Toyota 8FBET15 3-Wheel

This fairly small 3-wheeler from Toyota is an excellent machine for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its slimline, it works best in high racking and narrow aisle warehouses. In addition, the 3-wheel electric drive configuration has a dual-steer wheel mounted centrally beneath the counterweight; the machine is fast, reciprocal and comfortably maneuverable. Plus, simple design makes this Toyota cheaper in terms of upfront costs and maintenance.


Mitsubishi FGC-70K - Gas

Customers looking for a cheap-to-run machine have turned to this LPG Mitsubishi FGC-70K. Its powerful engine, heavy duty masts and rugged, ultra-stable construction offer years of service – and the fact it’s gas-powered makes it cheaper than its electric and diesel-powered cousins. Low noise and low emissions are the benefits. This forklift is also equipped with a comfortable seat, intuitive controllers, cushioned tyres and an extremely low centre of gravity, offering high residual capacities.

Hyster S7.0FT - Gas

Another gas machine in our list is a compact, heavy-duty forklift for intensive indoor or outdoor use. With solid cushioned tyres, this forklift works best on solid, flat ground, with a limited turning circle. However, after swapping the tyres for pneumatic (air or rubber filled) versions, it can work best on uneven surfaces with a larger turning circle. The robust, compact chassis design and high strength mast optimises capacity retention at high lifts with excellent visibility and rigidity. It suits all types of front-end attachment.Oil-immersed brakes contribute to reduced maintenance, extended truck dependability and low cost of operation. The simplified layout of wiring and hydraulics offers greater access to components, which decreases service time for unscheduled repairs and regular maintenance.


Aisle-Master 20WHE Articulated Forklift

Last but not least in our top 6 is an Articulated forklift from Aisle Master. This VNA Truck demonstrates rare ability to bend 90º left and right, allowing more efficient offloading, handling and storage. A huge benefit is also an integral side shift fitted as standard and impressive lift heights up to 15m.The compact design, exceptional visibility and fewer wearable parts allow for safe operation in aisles as narrow as 1.6m so you can make the most of your available space while still being able to work safely and efficiently. High-grade steel and casting of the chassis and mast ensure a robust machine that can withstand heavy duty use over a longer lifespan.All trucks from Aisle-Master can be modified to suit a cold store application, which partly explains the many applications we’ve helped our customers to accommodate.Choosing the right forklift truck can be really challenging.  You need to be sure the forklift can do the jobs in the exact conditions you require, and that it’s reliable and economical enough to operate for a long time. If you need any assistance with choosing the perfect truck or attachment, please don’t hesitate to

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