Fork lift attachments are lifting accessories that allow your truck to lift, carry, crane, push, pull, hold, dispense, rotate and clamp with better efficiency. Most attach to the forks, but others are towed, such as salt spreaders. Fork truck attachments come in a range of sizes and capacities, so there is an attachment for any workplace and any truck.


Commonly standard equipment on new forklifts, sideshifts allow the carriage to move left and right independently of the truck. This can prove vital for fine tuned positioning in tight spaces. A sideshift provides additional flexibility to even the most basic forklift for a reasonable price.

Fork Positioners

Fork positioners allow the tynes to spread simultaneously, enabling larger or smaller loads to be picked up without having to transfer to another pallet. This makes your forklift even more versatile and allows you to move a greater variety of loads without the need for multiple trucks.

Bale Clamps

Bale clamps allow you to manipulate bulky loads, like bales of hay with two independent clamps. These attachments are used in specialised industries due to their cost and unique features.


Rotators allow you to flip the things you're lifting. This makes them great for tipping loads into bins or flipping over items that are upside-down.

These are just a sample of the more popular attachments available. These days, forklifts are fully customisable and can perform multiple roles in warehouse operations including snow clearing, floor cleaning and much more. To view our range of forklift attachments, check out our forklift attachments page.

Forklifts are incredibly durable and versatile, so the addition of a specialised attachment can transform a forklift from a simple lifting truck into a crane, or even a snow plough. There are even more benefits to forklift attachments, including:

Increased Productivity

Attachments allow forklifts to easily switch from role to role as your business demands. This allows for seamless transition between tasks without the need for parking one machine and rolling out another. This also saves on the running and maintenance of another truck.

Greater On-Site Safety

Forklifts are not as dangerous as other, larger machines, like cranes. With the right forklift attachments, you can increase the safety on your site and allow your team to work without fear of an accident. That having been said, forklift accidents are common, but they can be avoided thanks to some specifically designed attachments. Remember: always exercise on-site safety. Check out our blog on Forklift Truck Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for more information on accidents and how to prevent them.

Slashed Labour Costs

As well as increased productivity, forklift attachments also reduce the cost of labour. Thanks to the variety of attachments out there, your forklift operator is also your snow plough driver, crane operator and floor cleaner. The reduction in the number of machines you have reduces the cost of paying people to drive them. Attachments make it possible to streamline your operation and keep asset costs and maintenance to a minimum.

Switching Fast

Most forklift attachments, such as bins, sweepers and cages, are easily attached to your forklift. They slide onto the forks and are secured with a few bolts. This clever design essentially allows you to replace the forks with almost anything - be it a broom or a safety cage. However, others take a little more time.

Each forklift attachment has its own unique benefits and considerations that need to taken into account before deciding which forklift attachment is most suitable for your needs. While some forklift attachments may require additional lift truck hydraulic functionality, increased productivity, safety and flexibility is always guaranteed.

For more information on which forklift attachments are best for your needs, contact us today.


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