We all need the right tools to do our job - and some jobs require the precision and power of forklift trucks. For a variety of reasons, not all companies wish to invest in the purchase of new or second-hand forklift trucks, which is why we also offer trucks for hire. Forklift truck rentals can give you the best of both worlds: increased productivity combined with flexible, lower cost investment.

Here are Five Reasons to Hire a Forklift Truck from PHL

Our customers love the flexibility that comes with renting warehouse equipment! Whether it's one of our fully maintained forklift trucks or loading ramp from our Trusted Partner, Easyramps.  Why you should consider hiring a truck from us? Below you will find five main reasons:

  1. We offer a huge selection of trucks and we're confident we can meet your needs. Our massive stock of forklift trucks includes pretty much every type and brand of forklift truck on the market. Choose from BT Reach Trucks to Electric Counterbalance Trucks by Linde.
  2. Providing professional ongoing maintenance is one of our goals. Our skilled service engineers are on hand to ensure the efficiency and uptime of all our trucks.
  3. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff have a great track record of providing high levels of customer service and support. You can make sure you are in good hands!
  4. We offer flexible long and short-term contracts. Whether you're looking for a short-term solution or a long-term agreement, we've got you covered. We're always on hand to discuss the type of contract length you're looking for!
  5. Flexible payment terms are rare in this industry, so we want to be different! We work in partnership with our customers to ensure they get a great deal with an affordable payment plan.

If you're interested in hiring a forklift truck, please contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with finding the right deal.Don't forget what I've mentioned above - we also sell and rent loading ramps of all sizes! Please visit our Trusted Partner Easyramps's website for details. We can guarantee you will be satisfied!


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